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     The warm, rich and alluring characteristics of wood can make any space feel more inviting and relaxing. One simple and practical way to liven up a space is to add wooden counter tops, butcher-blocks or cutting boards. These items not only serve a purpose, but also provide an animated eye-catching piece of décor.

      Best of all, wooden furniture can be a part of any design scheme making it everlasting rather than just a fad. Whether it is the sleek design of a modern walnut console or a rustic table made of white oak, each piece of furniture can be blended together to create a timeless look that cannot be replicated and will last for generations.


     At Goddard Design & Woodworking I take great pride in only using certified sustainably sourced lumber in your unique, one-of-kind projects.

     Wood is a renewable resource when it is responsibly sourced unlike other building materials such as plastics, metals and other synthetic mediums. Trees felled for sustainably harvested lumber are replenished by new growth to restock the future demand. Additionally, trees act as a sort of carbon battery—capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it. Couple this with a production process that has a low carbon footprint, lumber that is sustainably source can be used a part of the solution to help fight against climate change.


     As mentioned, the rich and alluring characteristics of wood can add charm to any room, with tones ranging from cream to coffee—and everything in between, a well crafted piece of furniture by a skilled artisan has boundless potential. Wood has been the center of design throughout almost every design era from early renaissance-to-art nouveau-to-contemporary; furniture has shown off the unique characteristics and beauty of the lumber.

     The rich colors, textures and fascinating patterns found in wooden furniture will awaken any living space with the vibrancy of the natural world ushering in a sense of calm and serenity often discovered only in nature—a reprieve from the cold sterile city walls.

Strength & Durability

    Unlike disposable furniture purchased from big box retailers and trendy home décor stores, furniture crafted from solid wood is both sturdy and long lasting. The durability and quality provided by wooden furniture guarantees it will always look as amazing as the day it was brought home. In addition to being durable, wooden furniture is easy to maintaine with an occasional oiling, waxing or polish.     

     Even more, a well maintained piece of hand crafted furniture is an excellent investment as it will hold its value over generations—should you ever want to sell or pass down the piece as a family heirloom.

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