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A Little About Me

I’m Aaron Scott, woodworker and designer. My passion for woodworking began as a child from the summers when I would visit my grandfather, Jerry Goddard. He was a carpenter by trade but a woodworker at heart, every nook and cranny displayed his artistry and zeal for the craft. Whether it was piece of handcrafted furniture or the custom cabinetry that exhibited my grandmothers' antiques, he was proud to show off both his skill and ingenuity. It was from the work that he created in his humble workshop, often from repurposed wood, that I too became captivated with the artistry of woodworking and the beauty of the lumber itself. It is in my grandfathers' honor that I named my business after him, Goddard Design & Woodworking, for sharing his knowledge and inventiveness thus inspiring me to become a woodworker.
Since then, have been lucky enough to work with many types of domestic and exotic lumber to create both reproduction and one-of-a-kind furniture. Over the years I have honed my skills specializing in Arts and Crafts, Art Deco and Modern designs; often blending aspects of them together to create attractive and uniquely exclusive hybrids. 
In addition to building one-of-a-kind furniture, I enjoy finding affordable ways to bring the vibrancy of nature back into our homes. The warm rich and alluring characteristics of wood can make any space feel more inviting and relaxing. One simple and practical way to liven up a space is to add wooden counter tops, butcher-blocks or cutting boards. These items not only serve a purpose, but also provide an animated eye-catching piece of décor.
I will continuously strive to update the content of my site and add new products and media as soon as it is available. So I encourage you to please check back to see what's new and as always you can check out everything as it happens on Instagram or on Facebook
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