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Create light and pillowy homemade gnocchi with one of my artisan Gnocchi & Herb Boards. Each of these beautiful Gnocchi & Herb Boards is handcrafted from select Walnut & Sugar Maple lumber. The flat side of the board is ideal for chopping herbs while the opposite side contains grooves for rolling perfectly ridged gnocchi. Additionally, the gnocchi side of the board includes two rectangular depressions for muddling fresh herbs or to temporarily keep chopped herbs and seasonings while preparing food. Lastly, the boards are oiled and polished by hand with food grade mineral oil and white bees wax to protect the grain from moister. I recommend reconditioning any of my handcrafted boards with a food safe butcher-block conditioner at least once a month. **(All food prep items are joined together with waterproof FDA approved food safe Titebond-III.)**

Gnocchi & Herb Board

  • Size:

    • 5.5" x 11.5" x 0.75"

    Cutting Area:

    • 5.5" x 7" x 0.75"


    • Never put your cutting board in the dish washer or leave soaking in the sink
    • Do not use bleach, other harsh chemicals or scouring pads
    • Wash gently with a mild dish soap and warm water
    • Dry thoroughly after each use
    • Condition biweekly with Goddard Butcher-Block Conditioner

            ***All sizes are nominal dimensions and actual sizes may vary***

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