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This Chic Serving Board is perfect for serving up a delicious crudité, home made bruschetta or for simply slicing bread. Each board is hand crafted from select Sugar Maple, American Cherry & Black Walnut lumber and then joined together with FDA approved food safe waterproof Titebond-III. Additionally, the boards are oiled and polished by hand with food grade mineral oil and white bees wax to protect the surface from moister. We recommend our proprietary food safe butcher-block conditioner be applied to your cutting board once a week.

Maple, Walnut & Cherry Serving Board

  • Size:

    • 18" x 6" x 0.75"


    • Never put cutting board in the dish washer or leave soaking in the sink
    • Do not use bleach, other harsh chemicals or scouring pads
    • Wash gently with a wash cloth, mild dish soap and warm water
    • Dry thoroughly after each use
    • Condition weekly with Goddard Butcher-Block Conditioner

            ***All sizes are nominal dimensions and actual sizes may vary***

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